Prize structure

The Mega 6/45 lottery game

The MEGA 6/45 lottery game takes American-style lottery results with a high winning rate, an extremely attractive prize structure. Mega 6/45 is a top-notch entertainment game, transparent, integrated with modern technology and safe for players.

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The Mega 6/45 lottery game has a structure of 4 prizes from Jackpot (special prize) to third prize. In particular, the value of the Jackpot prize is accumulated continuously at a certain rate through the drawing periods until there is a winner.

Prize structure

  • Jackpot Prize (Special Prize): 30% of the total prize + cumulative for tickets with 6 pairs of numbers
  • First prize: 10% of the total prize for tickets with 5 pairs of numbers
  • Second prize: 10% of the total prize for tickets with 4 pairs of numbers
  • Third Prize: 20% of the total prize for tickets that match 3 pairs of numbers

If multiple participants win the same prize, the prize will be divided equally:

  • Jackpot winners (special prize of 6 pairs of numbers) will win all remaining prizes
  • The winner of a set of 5 pairs of numbers will win 4 pairs of numbers and 3 pairs of numbers at the same time
  • The person who wins a set of 4 pairs of numbers will also win a set of 3 pairs of numbers

Jackpot Mechanics

After 4 spins without anyone winning the Jackpot, the Jackpot will be split 70/30 as follows:

  • 70% for active IDs (must buy at least 1 ticket per spin) and have F1 revenue of $5000 in a month.
  • 30% is kept in the bonus pool for the next prize


Tickets to participate:

Send and pay with GIN cryptocurrency with USDT. 1 ticket is equivalent to 2 USDT, you can buy an unlimited number of tickets.

Tickets are distributed according to the following formula:

  • 70% of ticket fare is used as bonus fund
  • 20% of the ticket price is used as referral commission
  • 10% of the fare goes to the operator

System reward structure

When F1 referrals meet the conditions, they will receive an Airdrop

  • Receive 20% of ticket value purchased by F1
  • Receive 10% of the prize value won by F1

There are 2 F1 members that you refer to win the first prize with a prize value of 10,000 USD. The reward will be divided among the referrer 10%, the winner gets 90%, so the 2 winners receive a total reward value of 10000-10% (10000) = 9000 USD, and 1000 USD belongs to the presenter


Participants participating in the prize at the American-style Mega 6/45 entertainment program must fully meet the following conditions:

  • Use digital currency to deposit and pay GIN in USDT
  • Persons 18 years of age and older
  • Persons who have full civil act capacity in accordance with the provisions of current laws of other countries
  • Other regulations published on the website (if any)